Weighing Scales

Ishida Nova-II provides 1/3000 accuracy for high precision performance. The compact design maximizes work space and advanced function keys simplify calculations.

Ishida RS-130 is the ultimate choice for simple price computing applications delivering unmatched convenience and accuracy.

Ishida AC-4000 communicates via Ethernet or RF wireless transmission and allows quick label changes with front-loading cassettes.

Ishida BC-4000L2/E offers master-satellite programmability and compatibility to product management software ensures PLU and tare weight consistency throughout your operation.

Ishida SR-2000a is completely customizable for any retail environment. Its intuitive user interface takes the guess-work out of operation.

Ishida Astra allows operators to create a variety of eye-catching point-of-purchase labels up to 64 mm wide and 85 mm long at an industry-leading 80 mm per second.

Ishida AC-4000D is ideal supermarket prepack scale system for deli, seafood, meat and produce applications.

Ishida AC-4000I offers remote weigh base is available in a variety of capacities, allowing price-computing labeling in unique applications.

Ishida AC-4000L2i/Ei offers has two display types at various price points. Choose from multiple label formats for increased productivity and versatility.

Ishida SR-2000ai has networking capabilities along with a large color touchscreen, user selectable visuals and simple programming

Ishida OMNi-4000 offers automatic system weighs, wraps and labels at an industry-leading speed of up to 30 packages per minute.

Ishida IP-EMZ has ability to store and print custom graphics produces eye-catching labels with all nutritional, safe-handling, country of origin and ingredient information.